Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Post 6

The link above is for the lyrics to U2 and green days song the saints are coming. I thought this would be helpful because in order for me to to write about the song i do need to know what the lyrics are about.

http://www.atu2.com/band/bono/  and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bono
I believe these links would be helpful because it gives a biography about Bono's life (member of the groupU2) and his activism, and it will help me understand why he would be apart of a song like this

I also found other important information like where the song came from, it was originally by this group called  the skids a Scottish punk rock group, but I wont go into to much detail about that. However I am still, wondering  where i should take my topic, and if i should change it that's why i only have 3 links up.

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  1. Hi Phylicia - There are *lots* of sources you can find on this, so I wouldn't change based on this. Keep in mind wikipedia can give you an overview, but won't be one of your final sources. You can use the footnotes from there to take you to other, more interesting/in-depth sources.