Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Post 6

The link above is for the lyrics to U2 and green days song the saints are coming. I thought this would be helpful because in order for me to to write about the song i do need to know what the lyrics are about.

http://www.atu2.com/band/bono/  and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bono
I believe these links would be helpful because it gives a biography about Bono's life (member of the groupU2) and his activism, and it will help me understand why he would be apart of a song like this

I also found other important information like where the song came from, it was originally by this group called  the skids a Scottish punk rock group, but I wont go into to much detail about that. However I am still, wondering  where i should take my topic, and if i should change it that's why i only have 3 links up.

Post 5

In Malcolm X autobiography he talked about internalized racism, because of his race. Malcolm X's grandfather which is his mothers father was a white man, which she was shameful about, because he raped her mother. When Malcolm was born he was born the a lightest complexion compared to his other brothers and sisters. He said that some people thought that being lighter in complexion was actually a benefit rather and a curse because  it closer to to being the white. Malcolm didn't look at his lighter skin being a blessing, but more as a curse because he " hated every drop of that white rapist blood" that was inside of him (Malcolm x 3). He disliked being that complexion because he had "white blood" inside of him, blood from a group of people who didn't care if he was alive or dead.

Malcolm internalized that hate for his skin complexion because he disliked white people, and to have "white blood" inside of him he didn't like at all. What made him hate white people even more was hearing and seeing   things they did to his family when he was younger, like the ku klux  klan coming to his house looking for his father and when they found out he wasn't their they broke all the windows in the house.Another reason is because of the amount of times they had to move because of them. But one of the big reason i believe he hated white people was because of the fact they killed his father, and after that their whole house hold started to collapse. The family  was suffering and their mother couldn't handle it, and eventually their family split up with the kids going into foster homes and his mother going" crazy" and she was admitted into a mental hospital. So with all of this i believe that's why he internalize so much hate for his skin color.