Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eyes on the Prize

The Civil Rights movement was one of the biggest movements in United States. The Civil Rights movement was a political movement for equality in America.. Their were many factors that lead up too the Civil rights movement. We watched a documentary in class about some of the factors that led up to this courageous movement. One of those factors was the Emmett Till murder. In the documentary there was a boy by the name Emmett Till who was African American from the north that was murdered in the south because he said "bye baby" to a white lady. After his death they had a trial but the men that murdered him were set free. The NAACP (who worked against white supremacy) stepped in but the decision was still made for the men to be freed.
Another factor that led up to the Civil Rights Movement was when Rosa Parks didn’t give up her seat to a white man, when the bus driver asked her to. She was later arrested and fined for her actions.
What I have learned about the civil rights movement was that it was a movement that basically abolished segregation. Segregation which separated whites and blacks from living among each other as one, black and whites used the different facilities like restrooms restaurants, schools and etc . The civil rights movement had a lot of rebellion from the blacks in America. In the end the Civil Rights movement led to the improvement of legal rights that were previously discouraged. What I would like to learn more about the Civil Rights movement is about the smaller protest/ rebellion that also help blacks get their rights. Everyone knows a lot about Rosa Parks and Emmet Till But what about the not so famous people like Claudette Colvin

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